UMBRELLA project is looking for independent experts

UMBRELLA project is looking for independent experts from Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland and Germany, and other EU countries to engage in a pool of experts to support UMBRELLA’s potential beneficiaries.



Umbrella is a project financed by INTERREG South Baltic. Approved in November 2017, it was officially launched on 14th-15th February 2018 and now it is in its initial phase. The project is framed in the priority axis V of the SBP: improve the cooperation capacity of local South Baltic area actors through participation in cross-border networks.

The overall objective of the project is to initiate a process of capacity building involving small municipalities, NGOs and other local/ regional organizations in order to transfer the knowledge and capacities, and to include them in the current cross-border cooperation networks.

To do so, Umbrella will map stakeholders and will offer them different tailor-made solutions according to their “level of knowledge” and integration in cross-border cooperation and project management. Therefore, the following actions will be implemented:


  • National training and trainings for trainers to respond to specific requirements, problems and barriers in every region covered by Umbrella;
  • Micro-activities (like study visits, conferences, reports on particular aspects of cooperation) to help beneficiaries better understand the added value of cross-border cooperation. Beneficiaries will be able to use knowledge, expertise and experience gained to later submit full-scale or small-scale applications to regular SBP or other ETC Funds calls for projects;
  • Cross-border workshops & “Rent-an-expert” service to offer beneficiaries -who will have identified relevant themes or concrete ideas- a chance for developing projects and to start concrete cooperation in joint projects;
  • Cross-border Conferences with PA Panels: to provide beneficiaries with relevant information in specific thematic areas for the preparation of future project applications.

An expert could be hired to:
– Participate in Cross-border workshops organized for Umbrella’s beneficiaries that have
identified relevant themes or concrete ideas for the development of projects. Experts will be
invited as lecturers and/ or panellists.- Guide/ support through Umbrella’s “Rent-an-expert” facility.
– Participate in micro-activities.
– Assist in writing projects proposals through the “Rent-an-expert” facility.

Experts will receive all the necessary support-material in advance, once he/she will be contacted for
the implementation of a task, to ensure professionality.

See the full  Umbrella_Call for experts_ final and apply now using this template: Application_ rent an expert_modified 12.02.2019

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